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Tuesday September 5th

Zoe Francis (vocals)

Jim Mullen (guitar)

Dave Newton (piano)

Dave Green (bass)

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Zoe Francis is a singer to listen out for. She communicates a love and understanding of the classic American songbook with the lightest of touches. It sounds easy and casual until you notice how deftly each turn of phrase falls in just the right place, both rhythmically and to chime with the meaning of the words.  Zoe started singing while Living in New York for a while. Learning her craft through Barry Harris workshops and singing in small venues in Manhattan with great musicians including Harry Allen and Joe Cohn.  

Zoe has now established herself on the London jazz scene with her first album "Looking For A Boy", a plea to which fabled guitarist Jim Mullen provided the answer!!   The two are now a famed duo and given Jim's unparalleled musicianship are leading lights in the UK Jazz scene. Tonight she performs with award winning pianist Dave Newton and bassist Dave Green.

Tickets£12 or £10 in advance